State Snapshots

  • Bamboo plantation covers 31% of the state's geographical area
  • Largest producer of flowers (loose) in North-East India
  • 2nd largest producer of bamboo in North-East India
  • 2nd largest producer of strawberry in India

Key Industries

  • Textile and Handloom
  • Fisheries

The state where the potential area of 101,000 ha has been identified for oil palm cultivation, has seen growth in investments with offered state incentives.

Mizoram lies in the North-Eastern part of India and shares 722 km of the international border with Myanmar and Bangladesh. Major rivers flowing through the state, such as Tlawng and Tiau, provide hydroelectric power potential of 4,500 MW that is sufficient to meet the energy requirements of the state. The state is well connected to the rest of the country with an airport in Lengpui and has an 8,500 km long road network.