State Snapshots

  • Highest number of operational SEZs (41) in India
  • Ranked 9th globally in net share of wind energy in total power generation
  • Among top 10 manufacturing hubs in the world with over 1.7 million installed capacity of cars

Key Industries

  • Automobile and Auto-Components
  • Aerospace
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric vihicle
  • Electronics
  • Food Processing

Tamil Nadu is situated at the South-Eastern extremity of the Indian Peninsula. The state is bounded on the north by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, on the west by Kerala, on the east by the Bay of Bengal, and on the South by the Indian Ocean. Tamil Nadu has a well-developed infrastructure with an excellent road and rail network and seven airports. The state’s coastline of 1,076 km, is the second-longest in India and has 4 major ports. Tamil Nadu ranks #3 in Export Preparedness Index in 2020. Moreover, the state is the highest contributor to India's renewable energy capacity at 16 GW and has a total installed power capacity of 32,620 MW.